Hands-on Make & Take Workshops

Getting hands-on during a Dig In planting workshop

Get your hands dirty and learn a new horticulinary skill during one of our workshops on Sunday, May 6. Garden for pollinators, plant a salad and herb bowl or make your very own cheese.  You’ll go home with what you made and the skills to create these horticulinary masterpieces again.  All sessions are $30.

Time Room A Room B
10:00 am

Sourdough Bread Making

Presented by: Laura Rogerson from Breadlove

Learn the basics of no knead bread making and go home with dough ready to bake at your convenience.  Please bring a 2 quart bowl with a lid to take your loaf home. SOLD OUT!

Food As Medicine

Presented by: Brittany Watt from Harvest Microgreens & Christiane Panesar from Heart-Food Holistic Nutrition

The plants we grow can do more than just nourish us. Join Brittany and Christiane as they teach us about additional benefits of local ingredients. No longer available.

11:15 am

Fresh Cheese

Presented by: Neil Korotash

Learn to make a few simple kinds of cheese in your own home. We'll make ricotta and mozzarella cheese and provide instruction for how to make cheddar curds as well.

Gardening for Pollinators

Presented by: Lola Canola

Bees and Butterflies are essential to our ecosystem. Learn what you can plant in your garden to provide assistance to these vital critters. Go home with a handmade bee hotel!

12:30 pm

Summer BBQ Cuts

Presented by: Kyle Iseke from D'Arcy Meats

BBQ season is upon us. Kyle from D'Arcy's Meats will give you the inside scoop on the best cuts for BBQing and some tasty recipes to take home.

Salad Bowls

Presented by: Travis Kennedy from Lactuca Urban Farm

Get jazzed about some novel varieties of greens that you may not know about. You'll then plant your own ready-to-water salad bowl that you can eat within six weeks!

1:30 pm

Make Your Own Terrarium

Presented by: Dana from Floral Studio at Holes

Learn to make your own terrarium with Dana from the Floral Studio at Hole's! This workshop include all the materials you'll need and you'll walk out with your own, unique 7" terrarium!  $39 for this session.


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All our workshops are taking place within the Park Room at the Enjoy Centre.

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