Chef Corbin Tomaszeski

“Food is a part of every great thing that we do in life. Food is there for all the important events, and the memories we make around a shared table are the best memories of all” – Chef Corbin

Corbin Tomaszeski is a chef with a unique vision: to bring meaning back to the world of food. In every endeavor he has taken up, whether being executive chef of key Toronto restaurants, or through his popular Food Network shows The Incredible Food Race, Dinner Party Wars, Restaurant Makeover and Restaurant Takeover, Chef Corbin strives to keep the focus on food as a conveyance to shared joy, and away from fussy, rigorous rules.

“We’re so removed from where our food comes from and how to make it properly because we’ve stopped making time to make food and spend that time with our families. Kids don’t learn how to cook anymore. I learned a lot on our farm as a child, and even though I’m raising 3 boys in the city, we cook. Teaching your kids to cook is an essential life skill, and the time you spend with them teaching them how to cook is never wasted.”

Corbin has travelled extensively throughout North America to find out more about the kinds of food moments people from all walks of life have.

“No matter where you go, everyone celebrates with food, and no matter who is hosting you, they are proud to have you sit an enjoy life with them over their favourite dishes. The best part of my job is meeting amazing people and getting to know them over a home-cooked meal.”

The Incredible Food Race, debut in the fall of 2015 on the Food Network and the Discovery Family channel on September 2016, Corbin was the Chef mentor and commentator, for this family-oriented series. This series in which two families battle it out in what's described as “a super-charged race full of fun food challenges and the main event: the family versus family cook-off of a kid-approved meal.”

“As a chef and father I’m passionate about cooking with my kids; it’s a chance for us to come together and have fun as a family, The Incredible Food Race is taking families on a crazy food adventure and I’m excited to be on board to mentor families through this wild ride.”

EVENTS FEATURING Chef Corbin Tomaszeski

Brunch with Chef Corbin

Saturday Morning, April 29

Chef Corbin Tomaszeski teams up with the Glasshouse Bistro to prepare a special one-time brunch menu. Flavourful, organic, and locally sourced, this interactive multi-course brunch will allow you to put the finishing touches on some of your dishes and taste some recipes right out of Chef Corbin’s kitchen.

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Cooking Workshop with Chef Corbin

Saturday Afternoon, April 29

Join celebrity guest Chef Corbin (Restaurant Makeover – Food Network, Dinner Party Wars – HGTV) as he teaches you how to make one of his favourite recipes. Audience members will get to sample Chef Corbin’s creation afterwards!

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Dinner with Chef Corbin

Saturday Night, April 29

Acclaimed Chef Corbin Tomaszeski teams up with Dig In and the Glasshouse Bistro to prepare a special one-time dinner menu. Featuring unusual ingredients and garden fresh produce from local organic growers, this interactive multi-course dinner will allow you to put the finishing touches on some of your dishes and taste some recipes right out of Chef Corbin’s kitchen.

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Chef Corbin

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